The Training

The ARION program is a full time training program and averages 20+ hours of training a week

Coached group rows every morning

The ARION program puts a lot of emphasis on regular coaching and skill development.  Every morning row is a coached group row.  The afternoon workouts consisting of lifting, XT, erg, and sometimes water are prescribed and done in smaller groups to accomodate life schedules

The Rowing

Morning practices run from 7:30 am until 9:30 am for most of the year.  (summer is earlier).  The morning rows balance time in single, pair, double, and straight four or quad.  Each season has a heavier percentage of the time spent in a boat class and is supplemented with another boat class.  A typical practice will have 4-5 singles and 2-3 pairs rowing as a group.  Some competitive pieces are run in flights and some against the clock.  Steady state and drills work is done as a group, and there is some pressure to "keep with the group" which takes a little getting used to.  A significant amount of time is spent doing drills which help emphasize a technical theme.  One can expect there will be a technical aspect to every day, a decent amount of meters on the water (depending on the intensity) and then a short erg once landed.


The Lifting

Saratoga Rowing and ARION have recently completed a complete refit of the weight room on the first floor of the training center.  ARION is fortunate to have access to new and state of the art equipment on-site.

Most ARION athletes do their lifting "in house" with the SRA facilities and internally designed programs.  This lifting is done without coaching, but designed by our resident athlete and PT.  It is always encouraged to lift in groups or with the trainer.  ARION lifts 2-3 times a week as the second practice of the day.

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The Cross Training

Afternoon cross training is an important part of the ARION program.  During different times of the year, different activities take precedence, but the athletes choose which activity.  It is encouraged to cross train with others, and outdoors.  With easy access to amazing outdoor locations cycling, running, hiking, and even open water swimming are great options.  There are indoor options on spin bikes, treadmills, bike ergs, and pools - but we try and save that for bad weather days.  Recently road cycling is becoming the option of choice and a road bike is recommended for all.  Most popular cross training options are group runs on "the fitch loop" past the horse farms, and group rides on the "King Dairy" loop which includes a stop for ice cream


The Erging

While erging is a heavier part of the program when the river is frozen and when the team is not on a southern training trip, it is never out of the program.  Athletes can expect to do a little bit of erging in the mornings as a post row, and then also erg a few times a week in the afternoons when not lifting and cross training.  ARION has access to C2 ergs as well as RP3 and sliders.  The morning erging sessions when the river is frozen are coached.

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ARION Outdoors

Being an outdoors athlete is encouraged at ARION.

Submit an Application

Are you an aspiring Olympian?

ARION has a running application process and is interested in finding the right athletes who will fit with the program socially as well as in capacity for work and potential to compete at the international level.

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