The Team

The ARION team is comprised of up to 18 athletes, 3 coaches, and the SRA community.

Good friends in the extra mile

Recognizing the roller coaster journey that is elite rowing.  ARION strives to embrace the idea of good friends in the extra mile.  We believe that gains live in the extra mile, and it should be a fun adventure in those spaces.  Having friends alongside pushing us, carrying us, and relying on us enhances the experience

 ARION rowing is a team experience and we consider our team to be all who are on the journey.  Our theme on this journey is gratitude and vulnerability, in all things we are grateful for the community behind us, we are grateful for the friends alongside us, and we are grateful for the competitors who push us.  With all that to be grateful for, we are also willing to be vulnerable and put our best selves out there without excuse or safety net.  We practice and we train and we race - vulnerable to failure, frustration, or whatever is thrown our way and grateful that our team is there by our side.  We believe our best selves are not achieved if there are parts of us that are held back and left unexamined and we believe our team is at its best when grateful and vulnerable with each other

ARION Coaches

The ARION program is coached by Eric "Cat" Catalano.  Cat has coached inside the USA Jr Development system and has also taken trials boats to World Championships.  Most recently Cat assisted the US team at the 2023 World Championships assisting the women's sculling squad.  Cat began coaching the fledgling club of Saratoga Rowing Assoc in 1998 and helped bring the club to national attention as a high school program.  Following a brief stint at Harvard/Radcliffe in 2004-2007, Cat returned to SRA as the executive director and head coach.  In 2016, following the Olympic Trials, Cat started the ARION program.

Cat is a frequent presenter at coaching conferences on teaching technique and rigging.  He believes that the best experiences are found when the challenges and skills are appropriately balanced from the middle school rowers all the way to the Olympians, and his coaching philosophy is "teach, train, select" in that order and emphasis.

Cat coaches on "themes" to the group as a whole, and gives individual coaching to athletes within the theme of the practices or if specific technical changes for that individual are on the verge of a breakthrough.  Best success is found under Cat's coaching by the athlete who can direct and hold focus, is willing to the the mental work of making changes and willing to be patient but persistent as some changes take time.  It also helps to catch him outside of practice time when you can.  He stays pretty busy, but he loves sharing knowledge/insight and brainstorming when asked.

Steve Bohler: Technical Advisor

Steve started rowing in 1985 for Rutgers University and has coached numerous successful teams, including the Oxford University men, Columbia University and the University of New Hampshire. Most recently, Steve coached the USA women's quad and double at the Pan Am Games to win multiple gold medals and help win the points trophy for the first time in several quadrennial. Steve specializes in rowing technique, biomechanics and the use of data to optimize performance. As a certified Sports Psychology Coach, Steve also helps athletes enhance their "mental strengths" in practice and racing.

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The ARION program is comprised of several athletes at various points along their olympic journey.  Along the way we make time to appreciate the journey.

Kristi Wagner

Hometown: Weston, MA

College: Yale 

Major(s): American Studies

US Teams: 2013 U23 2-, 2021 Olympic 2x, 2022 Worlds 2x, 2023 Worlds 2x

Career Highlights: Kristi's career highlight thus far is winning the HOCR alumni 8 in 2019 with her college teammates including fellow ARION teammate, Kate!

PersonalIt’s been said if you think of ARION and don’t think Kristi Wagner you’re wrong. An OG horse swirl and our first Olympian, Kristi exemplifies what it means to be an elite athlete. Never one to cut corners or take the short road, she is dedicated and fierce, but calm and collected in the moments that count. She’s a lover of donut rides, ice cream, and a little bit of smack talk. Kristi shows us all that our lofty dreams are possible if you are willing to put in the work. 

Check out Kristi's podcast!

Savannah Brija

Hometown: Lemont, IL

College: Ithaca University

Major(s): Clinical Health Studies/DPT

Teams: 2022 Worlds 4x

Career Highlights: 1st place 2022 Summer Nats W1x and W2x

Personal: Dr. Savannah, better known as Sav, is our resident PT specialist and dinosaur enthusiast. Sav radiates confidence and has never been one to let barriers hold her back. Though she is an artist, plant lover, and has a yoga corner, she is also the first one many would call to back them up in a fight. Sav is the first to engage in a little bit of verbal sparring and you’d be hard pressed to find a challenge she won’t accept. She is also a firm believer that a little rage rowing can take you a long way, sometimes all the way to the National Team. 

Lauren O'Connor

Hometown: Belleville, WI

College: University of Wisconsin - Madison

Major(s): Biology, Environmental Sciences

Teams: 2023 Worlds 4x

Career Highlights: 2022 Lottman Challenge Winner, 1st 2022 Summer Nationals 2x, 1st 2022 Green Mountain Head

Personal: Loco or Leo is our resident midwestern dad and she embodies this with her love of a local Wisconsin cheese, building shelves, and driving the trailer on our winter trips. She is known for her pre-practice lizard time, which may be the secret to her speed. On the water, you can spot Lauren sporting a bright colored boat, with her recently switching from a spicy pink to a fresh teal blue single. Don’t let the colorful boat fool you, she is an epic competitor and may have a chill exterior, but will definitely come after you on race day. She was voted most likely on ARION to win the Hunger Games and has a knife tat to prove how tough she is. Lauren is the epitome of good vibes and always brings a fun and appropriately chaotic energy to the group.

Hannah Paynter

Hometown: Lyme, CT

College:  Princeton University

Major(s): Psychology, Teacher Prep (Social Studies), African American Studies

US Teams: U23 W4x 2019, Senior Spare 2022, 2023 Pan Am Games (2-,4-,W8+, Mixed 8+)

Career Highlights: Ivy League Champions 2018 & 2019

PersonalHannah is the self-proclaimed hype-train who lives up to the hype. As a classic Enneagram 7, she brings the energy and excitement to any situation, often through the form of her beautifully crafted Instagram reels. Her bold personality is reflected in her love of bright colors and fun fashion choices. Hannah is always the one to spend extra time on the small things, whether that be the warmup and cooldown or creating a detailed plan for a trip. She embodies the just go for it energy and encourages others to do the same.

Veronica Nicacio

Hometown: Vancouver, WA

College:  University of Portland

Major(s): Biology B.S

US Teams: 2023 Pan Am (W2x, W4x, W8+)

Career Highlights: 3rd Club Nationals Women’s 2x 2022, 1st Women’s 1x Dash Canadian Henley 2022, 1st Women’s 2x Canadian Henley, 1st Women’s 4x Canadian Henley

PersonalVeronica, aka “Ronnie”, is a great example of the fact that size does not represent power. If the World Championships was a 500 dash you can guarantee this girl would get the gold. Our high rate queen, Veronica never fails to go big, which is an approach she applies in her daily life as well. Whether that’s through her cooking, which often looks as though she’s feeding a small army, or her unending patience and kindness towards others. Don’t let the kindness fool you though, this girl isn’t afraid to give some sass when necessary. That being said, anyone who has met Veronica would likely agree that she is living up to her goals of being an incredible role model for her younger siblings and becoming a better rower every day. 

Megan Goodman

Hometown: Pleasanton, CA

College:  University of San Diego (Undergrad), Northeastern (Masters)

Major(s): Undergrad: International Relations and Spanish, Masters: Global Development

US Teams: 2015 U23 2x

Career Highlights: 2022 3x Canadian Henley gold, 2021 HOCR silver club single

PersonalGoodman radiates two things, positivity and her love of rowing. Her infectious spirit can make any workout better and she brings joy to both our team and the sport. She is a low rate queen (keep an eye out for her breaking the 30’ world record) and she loves her sweep boats. Goodman would be the only one to put up a fight against Karina in musicals jeopardy and no one would be shocked if she had a shrine to Sara Bareilles somewhere in her room. If you ever need to hear a good “your mom” joke or want to think of a way to roast Cat, she’s your gal. Incredibly strong and forever smiling, Megan is someone you want around on and off the water.

Karina Feitner

Hometown: Cummington, MA

College:  Ithaca College

Major(s): Psychology

US Teams

Career Highlights: 2nd 2018 NCAA, B Final 2023 Winter Speed Order, 2nd 2022 Canadian Henley W1x, 8th 2022 Head of the Charles W Champ 1x

PersonalThe embodiment of a true teammate, Karina is someone everyone is proud to have on their side. She is always there to check in and seems to know what everyone needs, all while being an incredibly strong competitor and athlete herself. She is calm, confident, and takes all the chaos of rowing in stride, which might be why she makes such an incredible bow seat. Karina is never one to shy away from hard work, both in rowing and around the boathouse. Whether she’s throwing down on the water or at a trivia game (one of her fav past-times), she’s a fierce competitor and always giving 110% of what she’s got. And if it’s trivia on musicals, you better hope she’s on your team. 

Kate Horvat

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

College:  Yale University (Undergrad), Cambridge University (Masters)

Major(s): Undergrad: History and Energy Studies, Masters: Urban Planning

US Teams: 2023 Pan Am W4x

Career Highlights: 1st HOCR 2022 Champ 2x, 1st 2019 Alumni 8+ (with Kristi!), 1st 2022 Canadian Henley 4x and 8+ Dash, 1st 2021 US summer nationals W2-, 2019 Oxford Cambridge Boatrace Winner, Ivy League champs 2017 V4+, 2016 V4+, 2015 3V

PersonalOur Philly girl and life of the party, Kate Horvat is someone who can do it all. Big boats, small boats, sculling, sweeping, no challenge is too great for her to take on. She is versatile and adaptable, taking every change in stride and seizing every opportunity that comes her way. In the time when she is not rowing, Kate also doubles as an elite thrift shopper, having never met an article of clothing that she couldn’t style given the right occasion. If you ever need camo coveralls or a sequined jumpsuit, she’s got you covered. Her versatility truly knows no bounds, whether you need a partner on the dance floor or the biggest hug you’ve ever received (her love language is absolutely physical touch) Kate’s got you. She also has a reel for every situation you could imagine. It is truly incredible to watch Kate take on any and every challenge and see her not only complete it, but do so with confidence and style.

Lauren Miller

Hometown: Saint Cloud, MN

College:  University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Major(s): Undergrad: Neuroscience, Art Minor; Masters: Business Administration

US Teams: 2023 Pan Am (W4-, W8+)

Career Highlights: 2nd Club W1x HOTC 2022

PersonalMiller, L. Millz, Father Mills, Miller Lite; all of these names reference the one and only Lauren Miller. She is best known for her ability to crush low rate pieces and her job in corporate America all in the same day, after consuming approximately a liter of coffee (exact amounts consumed are unknown). Lauren puts most of us and all of corporate America to shame with her organization and work ethic. If ever a spreadsheet is needed she will have one color coded and ready to go. Same goes for a workout buddy, if you ever need someone to get you through a hard erg workout she will be a strong, steady presence beside you. Miller brings determination and consistency to everything she does, including cooking where she will consistently put eggs on anything and everything she eats. Level-headed, but with a strong competitive side, Lauren Miller brings an energy to the team that makes every workout better.

Julia Batson

Hometown: Bainbridge Island, WA

College(s):  Smith College

Major(s): Religion Major, Exercise and Sports Studies Minor

US Teams

Career Highlights: 1st U23 2x and 3rd U23 1x Summer Nationals 2022, 1st U23 2x and U23 4X Canadian Henley 2022, 1st Senior 4X Canadian Henley 2023

Personal: If we held a contest for best quads on the team, Julia would win hands down. She is the type of person that’s always up for a challenge and ready to embrace whatever comes her way. She once PR’d on her 2k at a local YMCA just to show that she could. On top of her insane strength, Julia will also decimate anyone who challenges her in banana-grams. Don’t let her competitive side intimate you though, off the water she is a true comedian, with a love of baking, watching women’s basketball, and all things cats. 

Screen Shot 2023-04-24 at 2.30.05 PM
Katy Flynn

Hometown: Churchville, NY

College(s):  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute(Undergrad), University of Virginia(Masters/PhD)

Major(s): Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

US Teams: 2019 U23 W4x

Career Highlights: 1st 2019 ACRA & Dad Vail W1x

Personal It is difficult to put an icon such as Katy Flynn into words, but this is our attempt. Katy is humble and kind, with a wicked competitive side and resilience few possess. Often referred to as the brains of the group, she managed to train full time while also working towards a PhD in Engineering. That being said, we do believe that she has consumed enough coffee that it is now in her bloodstream. Katy operates under the premise that this is nothing that she cannot learn how to do and anyone who has met her would wholeheartedly agree with that. Whether it’s sculling, sweeping, erging, or creating an entirely new invention, Katy takes on every challenge with a growth mindset. Katy Flynn is someone who will succeed at whatever she puts her mind to, both in rowing and in her daily life, and she inspires the rest of us to do the same.

Maddy Focht

Hometown: Long Beach, CA



US Teams: PanAm Team 2023 W2x, W4x, W8+

Career Highlights


Hannah Heideveld

Hometown: Amsterdam, Netherlands

College(s):  Rutgers


US Teams: 2022 U23 8+, 2023 U23 8+

Career Highlights


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