The Team

The ARION team is comprised of up to 18 athletes, 3 coaches, and the SRA community.

Good friends in the extra mile

Recognizing the roller coaster journey that is elite rowing.  ARION strives to embrace the idea of good friends in the extra mile.  We believe that gains live in the extra mile, and it should be a fun adventure in those spaces.  Having friends alongside pushing us, carrying us, and relying on us makes the experience

 ARION rowing is a team experience and we consider our team to be all who are on the journey.  Our theme on this journey is gratitude and vulnerability, in all things we are grateful for the community behind us, we are grateful for the friends alongside us, and we are grateful for the competitors who push us.  With all that to be grateful for, we are also willing to be vulnerable and put our best selves out there without excuse or safety net.  We practice and we train and we race vulnerable to failure, frustration, or whatever is thrown our way grateful that our team is there by our side.  We believe our best selves are not achieved if there are parts of us that are held back and left unexamined and we believe our team is at its best when grateful and vulnerable with each other


The ARION program is coached by Eric "Cat" Catalano.  Cat has coached inside the USA Jr Development system and has also taken trials boats to World Championships.  Cat began coaching the fledgling club of Saratoga Rowing Assoc in 1998 and helped bring the club to national attention as a high school program.  Following a brief stint at Harvard/Radcliffe in 2004-2007, Cat returned to SRA as the executive director and head coach.  In 2016, following the Olympic Trials, Cat started the ARION program.

Cat is a frequent presenter at coaching conferences on teaching technique and rigging.  He believes that the best experiences are found when the challenges and skills are appropriately balanced from the middle school rowers all the way to the Olympians, and his coaching philosophy is "teach, train, select" in that order and emphasis.

Cat coaches on "themes" to the group as a whole, and gives individual coaching to athletes within the theme of the practices or if specific technical changes for that individual are on the verge of a breakthrough.  Best success is found under Cat's coaching by the athletes who can direct and hold focus, is willing to the the mental work of making changes and willing to be patient but persistent as some changes take time.  It also helps to catch him outside of practice time when you can.  He stays pretty busy, but he loves sharing knowledge/insight and brainstorming when asked.

Steve Bohler and Stacey Apfelbaum

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The ARION program is comprised of several athletes at various points along their olympic journey.  Along the way we make time to appreciate the journey.

Maureen McAuliffe

2017 Worlds W4x

2018 Worlds W4x

College: George Mason University
Major: Exercise Science
Years Rowing: 13
Hometown: Herndon, VA
US National Teams: 2

Kristi Wagner

2021 Olympian W2x

2022 Worlds 2x

College: Yale University
Years Rowing: 12
US National Teams: 1
Hometown: Weston, MA

Megan Goodman

College: University of San Diego (Undergrad), Northeastern University (Masters)
Major: International Relations and Spanish (Undergrad), International development (Masters) 
Years Rowing:
International Race Experience: 2015 U23 Women's Double.

Tessa Yurko

College: University of Michigan
Major: Women's Studies
Years rowing: 13
Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Tessa's Enneagram personality type is The Challenge, known to be strong, powerful, and seek to stand up what they believe in.

Lauren O'Connor

College: University of Wisconsin- Madison
Majors: Biology and Environmental Science
Years Rowing: 5
Hometown: Belleville, WI

Morgan Hummel

2022 Worlds MixC4x (Coastal)


College: Ohio State University
Major: Sports Industry
Years Rowing: 5
Hometown: Chesterfield, MO

Morgan just made her first World Championships with the Next Level team for Beach Sprints.

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”- Steve Prefontaine

Savannah Brija

2022 Worlds W4x


College: Ithaca College
Major: Clinical Health Studies/ DPT
Years Rowing: 5
Hometown: Lemont, IL

"Sav" was selected to the 2022 National team in the Women's Quad

Hannah Paynter

2022 Worlds Spare

College: Princeton University
Major: Psychology Major
Years rowing: 13 years 
Hometown: Lyme, CT

Veronica Nicacio

College: University of Portland
Major: Biology 
Years rowing: 9 years 
Hometown: Vancouver, WA

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