U23 Winter Sculling Camp


ARION is proud to host the 2019-2020 SRA Christmas Camp!  The goal of the camp is to improve sculling in Junior and U23 athletes through training in singles, doubles, and quads.  With a low coach to athlete ratio, each athlete will receive individualized attention over the course of the 7-day camp.  Included in the camp are lectures on nutrition, mental skills training, goal setting, and the various pathways to making the National Team.

The camp will run from December 27th to January 3rd.  Contact Camp Director Emanuel Valentin with questions.

ARION is looking for specific athletes to join our camp.  The criteria are:

  • Must not turn 23 in 2020
  • No or little previous sculler experience
  • Must have national team aspirations
  • Not have already be on a college training trip
  • A minimum erg score of 7:15 for women and 6:25 for men.
Contact Information

Emanuel Valentin, Camp Director

Items to Bring

Participants must furnish their own towels and toiletry items, as well as bedding.  It is recommended that campers bring running shoes and flip-flops for practice along with a water bottle, sunscreen, and sunglasses.  It is a good idea to bring extra spending money for ice cream, snacks, and extracurricular activities.  The camp administration will not cash personal checks from campers.  When not in a sports session, dress is casual, so bring along your summer clothes and a swimsuit.  We strongly discourage you from bringing any valuables to camp.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


A brief orientation session will be held explaining Sports Camp rules and regulations.  All campers must comply with the rules.  Any serious violations or abuses will result in immediate dismissal from camp without refund.

Housing and Residence

All athletes will be housed together at Camp Ithiel.  Transportation will be provided to and from the boathouse as well, as to and from extracurricular activities.  Athletes will be staying in separate dorms (boys & girls).  They will be in bunk beds and need to bring their own bedding.  We will go to WalMart on the first day to buy these items if needed.  (pillows, sheets, blankets, etc).  


Transportation will be provided to and from the Orlando Airport depending upon the arrival time. It is important that you notify the coaches at least two weeks in advance concerning when, where, and at what time you will be arriving.   In some cases, the athlete will need to arrange for a taxi from the airport to Camp Ithiel.

Register HERE

Athletes register through Saratoga Rowing Association