ARION Winter Trip 2020


Join the ARION program this Winter for the "ARION Winter 2020 Training Trip."  This program is designed for collegiate athletes who want to continue their training at a high level on the water while safely and responsibly navigating the challenges of training through COVID-19.


When: Mid Jan - Mid March ~10 weeks

Where: Summerton, SC  OR Windermere, FL

Lodging: Camp Bob Cooper or Camp Ithiel:  bunk style rooms with bubble athletes

Meals: Included at the camp and prepared by camp staff

Bubble With meals and lodging included there is minimal reason to venture into the general public.  

At Camp Ithiel, the rowing is less than 3 miles away and would be used off hours of other programs at OARS

At Camp Bob Cooper, the rowing site is on campus.

Testing All participants would need to be tested 72 hours prior to arrival and upon arrival

Training Rowing will be done in singles and doubles with the occasional quad.  Erging will be done on Concept2 outside or in open boathouse bays.  Cross training will include running and cycling with an understanding of social distancing if leaving campus.  Weights will be used outdoors or in open boathouse bays with free weights

Masks: Mandatory whenever off-campus unless running or cycling


At this point, we are simply evaluating interest to test the viability of this camp.  If you would be interested in this camp, complete the interest form in the link below.

Quarantine: Should a quarantine be necessary, rooms will be set aside for that purpose

Costs: $5750 plus the cost of arrival and departure.  Some gear will be included and some can be optionally purchased.

Transportation: Athletes will be required to get themselves to a local airport (MNI, MCO). They will be picked up from the airport.  Once on campus the need for transportation will be minimal.  If we are at Camp Ithiel, athletes can carpool, run, or bike to the rowing site (less than 3 miles).  If we are at Camp Bob Cooper, everything is within walking distance.

Who: Camp is designed for 12 Development athletes with 4 Full time ARION athletes joining at a time.

Gender: This is a mixed gender camp

Experience: All applicants should have had some exposure to sculling, and be comfortable enough to stay upright and move without fear.

Fitness: All applicants should be either rowing at a high collegiate level, or be a recruited freshman.  

Coaches: The program will be coached by Eric Catalano (Head coach of ARION Senior team).

The ARION Senior team will be engaged as teaching assistants as we break out into small groups regularly.

A senior team athlete will be assigned to work with 3 Development athletes while rowing alongside or within a boat with the athletes 

Preparation: Upon sending in a deposit for camp, a progressive preparation training plan will be included to help the athlete stay fit through the holidays.

Refunds: Should the camp need to be discontinued, refunds will be prorated according to the number of weeks started.  Should an athlete need to leave for an extended period of time due to COVID refunds will be prorated according to the number of weeks started.  Should an athlete need to leave for an extended period of time due to injury, refunds will be prorated at ½ the rate according to the number of weeks started

Classwork: If an athlete would like to be part of this program while taking online classes, all reasonable attempts will be made to avoid class conflicts, but it may be possible that workouts may need to be made up on your own (or with a senior team athlete) if missed