The Expectation

The ARION team is comprised of up to 12 athletes, 2 coaches, and the SRA community.

Good friends in the extra mile

By coaching the junior programs of SRA, the athletes of ARION gain valuable insight as they develop their coaching "eye".  Along the way, they stay connected to the joyous passion of the kids in the sport, and make some money in a job which works alongside their training schedule.

ARION Residential

The ARION program can support up to 8 residential athletes.  Residential athletes program dues are $350/month and are waived for athletes who are away for international competition.  The program dues include equipment storage or usage, room and utilities, training fees, most regatta entry fees, most training trip lodging fees.  The dues do not cover food, and sometimes do not cover flights.  In addition to the residential program dues, ARION athletes are expected to work a minimum of 6 hours a week while the juniors programs are in session.  The hours are paid hours and most are expected to be coaching hours.  Additional paid hours are available for ARION athletes up to 15 a week (more during busy times).  The more dependable and willing the athlete the more hours are available and the more responsibility is given. In addition to in person hours, there are hours that can be done remotely - which is helpful while on training trips.  It is also expected that the athletes contribute significantly during regatta season when SRA hosts several large regattas.

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ARION Non-residential

ARION athletes also have the option to be non-residential athletes.  For this the program dues are $50 per month.  This covers all the same perks and privileges as the residential program, except the lodging and utilities.  The same coaching hours are still required.  At a minimum, a coach of the middle school program may coach 6 hours a week - whereas a coach of the varsity program may coach 12-15 hours a week in season.  Athletes are encouraged to bring their own skill sets to SRA as well.  If you are great with web-design you can take over for me!

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ARION Expectations

ARION athletes should maintain a growth mindset over time to achieve the desired results.  It is expected that athletes complete all the prescribed work within the confides of physical and mental health.  It is also expected that athletes understand and accept the consequences of choices.  The training program is designed to be a path to a destination.  Deviations from that path, regardless of the reason, are still deviations from the path and may not lead to the same destination.  One should expect to grow as an athlete, a coach, an employee, and a human during the time at ARION.

It is also the case that sport in general is not a democracy, but often a meritocracy, that is to say that results matter in sport.  The same can be the case in an elite training program: results and trajectory matter.  This may affect some decisions on residential spaces, training trips, funding, and equipment.  Athletes are given time to grow and flexibility to learn and fail and learn more, but one should always maintain a growth mindset and remember that the program is focused on international competition at the highest levels.

Submit an Application

Are you an aspiring Olympian?

ARION has a running application process and is interested in finding the right athletes who will fit with the program socially as well as in capacity for work and potential to compete at the international level.

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